Saturday, May 20, 2006

Isn't that an Italian last name?

Was I the only one that ever wondered why Argentinian basketball players have Italian last names? This shit fucked me up for the longest time. Ginobili? Nocioni? Those aren't Spanish. Not Portuguese either. They're Italian!

It's all over the web. Italian immigrants to Argentina numbered more than two million between 1876 and 1925. Now you can't tell me that my blog ain't edu-ma-fi-cational.

Check out this picture I stole from a website using Google Image. They tried to prevent me from taking it by disabling right click. That's the lamest thing I've ever seen. Click and drag to the desktop, son, I gotcha! It says copyright on it, I hope the artist doesn't sue my ass!


chinwhat said...

also, if you're using firefox (what, you're using ie? what a fucking loser you are!) then you can go to:

Tools > page info > media tab

won't let you steal pics? want embedded video? done and done!

Shaun said...

Or in other words....

Alt+t, p, m

WAR Alt+f, s

F-you CHIN!