Saturday, May 13, 2006

Get the eff out my way!

So I'm walking down the street with my coworkers, looking for some grub. All of a sudden, we hear a bell ring, kind of like the ones you would put on a bike. ring ring. WTF? We turn around, and it is a man on a powered wheelchair. The bell was meant to communicate something: Get the FUCK out my way. As we made room and watched him power his way in front of us, I couldn't help but think how wicked that bell was. This dude found a socially acceptable way of being downright rude and selfish!

I need one of those bells. I'll ring it while walking on the sidewalk, and when people turn around, I'll look them in the eyes like "you know what to do. Move it."

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Shaun said...

Oh man! That would be aweasome! On escalators.. ring ring!

Everywhere! move bitch.. get out the way!

** Shaun **
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