Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google Fanboy strikes again!

Last week, Google launched Google Calendar. I'm all over it dawg!

Google automatically scans your gmail messages and creates hyperlinks when it detects dates you may potentially want to add to your calendar.

You can also add an event to your calendar just by typing a sentence, e.g.
"TeamID dinner tomorrow" or
"Go punch Shaun in the face next thursday"

And the best part: Search!

If you want in, I got 100 gmail invitations. If you don't ... well ... fuck you


Rubex Cube said...

Google is your friend :D

chinwhat said...

sorry al, but yahoomaps pwns google maps.

Lil Lex said...

Yahoo Maps is good ... if you like scratching your ass while you wait for the map to reload

Shaun said...

Oh punk! Get a faster net connection and new computer.. it's 2007 (in the PC model year)

War fastness
War Gigabit connections
war rural people NOT having highspeed net access

** Shaun **
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