Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not because I want to

Sorry, It's been a while since I've blogged, but work has been CRAZY busy, and I've finally got a Saturday morning to relax and reflect.

What the fuck is up with ABC's two banner primetime shows, "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives"? Their breakout and addictive first seasons have turned into very disappointing second season flops. Sure, it's difficult to follow up such acclaim, the awards, the hype, etc. Sure, it's still better than watching me try to unclog my toilet. But c'mon, this shit is just getting unbelievable (no pun intended).

Michael and Walt are somewhere on the island, and you're not going to look for them? Sawyer is stealing guns because he doesn't know any better? Jin hasn't learned any english yet?

I'm not going to get into Desperate Housewives.

So why am I still watching? Well, it's because I have to. Not so much for Desperate Housewives (I mean, c'mon, as long as Eva Longoria struts half-naked every episode, I'm good), but for Lost -- I've got questions. I need answers. Gimme my answers! (and make them good, because Charlie running around kidnapping babies ain't cutting it).

So I will continue, grudingly. At least Shaun likes it. He keeps messaging me 10 minutes after the episode ends, "Yo, did you see that?" Dawg, I PVR my TV, and watch it later. You know that.

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Shaun said...

Lost OWNS!

And seriously... Season two isn't that bad at all. I mean you're still religously watching it right?


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