Tuesday, February 07, 2006


After Chin's post titled "I Appreciate" , I started thinking about how fun Mike Tyson's punchout was. Good times.

Then I started thinking about it some more. I never beat Mike Tyson, and that bugged me, because I always finish video games. He was impossible! I think I knocked him down once, after a month of playing and being continuously KO'd ... but he got up after a 2 count. I also lasted three rounds against him on another occasion, but the decision went to Tyson. Every other time I faced him? pwnd.

So I wanted another crack. I downloaded an NES emulator, and I am the proud owner of one game. Glass Joe? King Hippo? Don Flamenco? Aaah, the memories flood back like so many toilets that I've clogged. I'm currently fighting Bald Bull (pictured inset). I'm coming for you, Tyson!

Now that I finally got my lazy ass to actually download the emulator, I can relive all of the Nintendo classics from my past. Excitebike, Baseball, Contra. Wicked.


Shaun said...

You know you probably can invoke some sort of God mode? That's the way to play video games.

What fun is a video game if you die!

Cheats 4 life!


Shaun said...

On another note, I finished both XWING and Dune 2 playing with God / Unlimited money mode.

Was FUN!

Better example. Simcity 2000. Who wants to lvie in Dumpsville USA, when you can live in Shaunville.. where every building has a private park. Done and done.

chinwhat said...

things old games are good for: promoting racial stereotypes.

as well, you could go here to play games: http://www.everyvideogame.com/

Shaun said...

ahhh racism

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