Monday, January 16, 2006

The War

It all began with lunch. The wife and I go to eat dim sum. Delicious. Then we call my cousin and let her know that we're stopping by to say hello. You know, to meet my newborn nephew. Being the gracious hosts that they are, and despite telling them that we already ate lunch, my cousin's husband goes out and buys pizza. And Popeye's chicken.

So, even though we already ate lunch, we eat pizza. And Popeye's chicken. And cookies. And ice cream. What am I supposed to do? Spit on their food? So now, with two meals in my stomach, we go to Square One to get our shop on. Walking around Wal-mart, I get the call ... the war against defecation begins.

I quickly waddle over to the washroom. There's a sign hanging over the door: Washroom closed. Fuck. The next closest washroom is down the stairs, by People's Jewellers. This shit's coming out, man! I finally make it down the stairs, into the men's washroom, and there are 3 stalls. All occupied. WTF? This has never happened to me before! The guy using the handicapped stall finally relinquishes control. He has an evil look in his eye.

Defecation: 1 Al: 0


Shaun said...

Welcome to the club my friend.. welcome to the club! It was a Petro Canada gas station for me last time!

Actually speaking of which -- I gotta go for real now! (For real!!)


chinwhat said...

the guy was mad because he was going to jerk off in there. oh, and you forgot to mention it was shaun in that stall...

Shaun said...

yeah.. it was me.. me!