Sunday, January 15, 2006


I hate to brag, but not really. On Saturday night, I played in a 30 player poker tournament at Jay Abiog's place. This date was marked on my calendar for about a month. I was pumped. I even re-read chapters of Phil Gordon's "Little Green Poker Book" during the day to prepare my strategy and plan of attack.

The buy-in was $50. The other two tournaments I've been in (which I hosted) were for $30 and $20, so comparatively, this was a big tournament. The winner gets $700, which is pretty good coin for one night's work. So enough of the setup, Al, what the fuck happened?

After 6 hours of poker, and 29 busted players, I took down the final table and won the tourney! How did I do it? Luck: Anyone that says you don't need luck to win at poker is either stupid or retarded. I got dealt big slick (that's Ace-King for the newbies) early on in back-to-back hands. I also got big slick in the tournament's defining hand: all-in with A-K (approx. $5000 in chips) called by not one, but two players. The flop comes K-K-3. I flopped trips. I take a commanding chip lead and proceed to bully my way to heads up action. The odds of getting dealt big slick are 110-1. The odds of flopping trip kings when you hold A-K are 73-1.

What's next? Shopping! You don't spend dirty money on bills or necessities. You spend it on toys! Thanks to Jay and Joy for hosting, and thanks to the other players for giving me y'all money! Until next month, when I host another tourney at my place ... I'll have Super/System II read by then for sure!


chris said...

Wicked, I think we should get a $700 dinner. Thanks Al!

chinwhat said...

Thanks Al!

"uhm, I'll take $700 worth of surf and turf please"

Shaun said...

$700 buys a truck load of kimchi!

Rubex Cube said...

Damn yo that is wicked, now teach me how to play poker!