Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stuck in the middle with you

I've been playing online poker for a while, but at the "play money" tables. It allows me to practice for my weekly games at Jay Abiog's place. The problem with play money is that the players suck. I can pretty much win every single table tournament I enter at Last night, I sat at a $100/200 table for play money at I bought in for the $6000 in my account, and left with $30,000+.

Two weeks ago I made a $50 deposit at -- My first time playing for real money. I entered a tournament with 650+ other entrants, and finished 452nd. I entered another multi-table tournament and got busted in 3 hands. Finally, I played at a $0.50/$1.00 table, with my last $25, and after 10-20 hands lost it on a bad beat (pocket jacks lost to an 8-high straight on the river).

So where do I stand? Too good for the free tables, not good enough for real money? Maybe it was the nervousness of my first attempt -- My first time at Jay's poker night, I busted first for both games. Now, when I play a home game, I consistently finish 4th or better.

Well, $50 is a lot of money. So I have to wait until next month before I make another deposit to an online poker site. Until then, it's the free tables for me! grumble, grumble...

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