Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Ain't Christmas grand! The family, the friends, but most importantly, the gifts! And anyone that says it's better to give than to receive ain't a self-centered prick such as myself. I scored big! Let's run it down:

Doyle Brunsons Super/System 2, a poker bible! I ain't joking, this thing is like 400+ pages. Page 1...

Cash from my mother-in-law. It's great that she doesn't think I'm too old for that (because I'm not)

Logitech Harmony universal remote. It has an LCD window!

Gift Certificates to RW & Co. Unofficial spokesperson, bitches!

Gift Certificate to Future Shop. Should I get the light saber, or the robo raptor? What's a nerd to do?

A T-Shirt that reads "Poker King". Fucking right.

What's next: TeamID's Kris Kringle 2K6. Punkage has a World Series, and you can find it at Chin's place. Bring your 'A' game, son. And keep your significant others away, if we haven't met them yet. Find another event to introduce them. Let me break it down:

drink = "rye & ginger";
while (!intoxicated) {

if (intoxicated && justMetYourGirl()){
if (yourGirl.hasBigTits()){
out.print("My friend is lactose intolerant");
else if (yourGirl.talksTooMuch()){
out.print ("No wonder he never introduced you sooner");
else if (yourGirl.isCuriousAboutYourPast()){

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Shaun said...

Yo man! Just because I ain't a programmer no more -- doesn't mean I can't understand code son!

There were NO experiments -- NONE son! You have to talk to Ai/Chin about that one./ They slept in a bed together in France!

chinwhat said...

boolean friendsmeetgirl;
boolean friendsnevermeetgirl;
freindsmeetgirl = false;
friendsnevermeetgirl= false;

do while (freindsnevermeetgirl = false)
if (freindsmeetgirl = false)
friendsnevermeetgirl = flase;

Shaun said...

for loop.....

(here we go!)