Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CubaNation, Vol 3

More memories from CubaNation:
  • Pusoy Dos is too ethnic. We need a marketable name for it. How about NY Knockout? Fastest rising card game, even bigger than Texas Hold 'Em! Added twist: if you are last place, the other 3 get to flick your ear! Gatdamn that hurts!
  • Playing Poker with pebbles
  • Grappling: Kinda like Sumo wrestling in the water. The object is to try and get your opponent off his feet and into the water. Me, Chin, and Shaun tested this game at the beach. Tossing each other in the water like rag dolls. Shaun's friends asked later, "How much did you have to drink?", to which he replied, "We were actually sober." Later that night, we had a 5 player tournament. Only Chris was able to run the Gauntlet. Congratulations. Shaun wins the award for swallowing the most pool water.
  • At the clubs, the DJ had to cater to 2 groups: North Americans that like to dance to hip-hop, and Euros that like to dance to ... well ... dance music. When 50 Cents starts playing, watch those Euros: They're just standing there! They don't get it!


chris said...

Soca is universal

eddjones20517330 said...

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chinwhat said...

it sure is!

"i love soca!"