Sunday, October 16, 2005

Congratulations Jonathan and Charlene

On Friday, the wife and I went to Jonathan and Charlene's wedding. These guys did it up right: 4 course dinner, including a two pasta course and a two meat course (beef AND chicken!). And then, when your stomach is ready to explode, they come out with a shrimp and lobster platter at 11:30. Gatdamn!

The wife claimed that she was getting her drink on, and then sobered up for no apparent reason. Ghetto, I could've been smashed, son, smashed!

The groom and his groomsmen were wearing Barongs. And they came in using Chicago Bulls entrance theme music. And they were jumping around and bumping each other on the dance floor. A vision of Jon's wedding flashed before my eyes: Except Jon would be in the hotel, sitting by himself watching TV.

WAR weddings. TeamID needs more. Hurry the fuck up, y'all! Posted by Picasa


chinwhat said...

1) if i get married, i'm having a pot luck

2) you sound like shaun... except not desparate... wtf's wrong w/you shaun?

Rubex Cube said...

We should have a pool to see who is gonna get married next! :D