Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Do you remember Team ID, before we were called Team ID? Those were good times...

I miss (in no particular order):
  1. Watching a Raptors game, and trying to come up with the next day's newspaper headlines ... "Nets make Raps extinct" ... "Raptors cool Heat" ...
  2. Pushing triangles
  3. Getting together for "general loafting"
  4. Guaranteed attendance on Friday for "Friday dinner"
  5. Friday dinner
  6. Rob Fernandes
  7. Basketball outdoors
  8. Starcraft until 5AM
  9. Tobogganing
  10. Deflection punkage - Al: "You suck, Chin" ... Chin: "in order to deflect this punkage, Jon is gay" ...
  11. Sacrificial punkage - Al: "You suck, Chin" ... Chin: shrug ...
  12. Distraction punkage - Al: "You suck, Chin" ... Chin: "Hey look at that hottie over there ... what were we talking about?"
  13. NBA 2K2 in Chris' basement
  14. My pager - 416 SWIPEJR


chinwhat said...

I miss The Dooch (and Sara I guess... op)

Rubex Cube said...

LOL I was never a part of any of these, I'm like a part of the new generation!