Sunday, August 07, 2005

Poker Tourney

I held my second multi-table poker tournament on Saturday, an evening filled with the joys of Texas Hold 'Em, as well as the stress of organization. Let's reminisce, shall we?

I sent my first email 3 weeks before, and get a lukewarm response. I was scraping just to get 14 players. Begging people. To add insult to injury, Four players tell me that they can't make it ... a week before the tournament!

So now it's Saturday. I get a call from my friend Rob. "I got four more players." Then I get a call from my friend Kev. "I've got one more player, is that cool?" Then Shaun calls, and Dooch calls him a pussy. "Fuck that, fine, I'm coming." My brother calls with 2 more players, and voila, in one day I make up for the lost players and then some. 24 players, right where I wanted it.

The game was supposed to start at 7. 7:01, I have four players. 7:30, I have maybe 10 players. What's wrong with you people? we start maybe around 8:00. Sheesh.

My plan was to keep the three tables balanced throughout the night. That means that as players get busted, people have to move from one table to another. What a disaster: I have 6 people yelling at me, telling me what to do, and I'm freaking out.

Despite the stress, everyone had a great time. Suprise of the night: My wife, who held chip lead for most of the night. I can't take credit for that, she doesn't listen to anything I tell her! Not so surprising: Shaun amassing a huge chip lead, only to squander it. Reckless!

How did I do? Well, I finished second. Not bad, not bad at all. Made some new friends, and it was good to see some old ones. Already have the wheels in motion for my next tourney, probably in October.

Thanks to my wife, Joy, Sara, and whoever else cleaned up in the kitchen.

See y'all next time! Make sure you work on your game, my wife has a read on all y'all!

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