Sunday, July 03, 2005

This water's wild!

Highlights of Wild Water Kingdom, July 2005 (aka y'all missed out):

Hotties in bikinis ... Some were even wearing heels.

First time on a 4 storey slide. Damn, my heart was racing. I'm pretty sure for a second that my back wasn't touching the slide. Wicked. I told Shaun it was fun, but he pussed out.

Shaun using SPF 60 sunscreen on his face. "Ashy Larry. Marcy projects, son!"

The buckets. Get the fuck outta my way, stupid kids!

Shaun getting stuck down the tube slide, and abandoning ship. "yo, Shaun, where's your tube?"

Verbal confrontation between two moms. Yelling and finger pointing. Entertainment for the rest of us.

Sunburned. What the? I never get sunburned! You're right, this does hurt... Don't touch my back or shoulders, please.

New Canada day tradition? We'll find out next year. See you thurr!

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