Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My brother the sales pig

My old cell phone is broke. So I go to buy a new one. My brother is manager at Wireless Wave, so who better to talk to then someone I trust. Right?

"Motorola v220 please. It's the cheapest one. I don't need a fancy phone", I say.

"For forty dollars more, you can get the Motorola v551. It has more features. Besides, the Motorola v220 is a problematic phone", he says.


"There's a $35 administration fee."


"Now, here's where I make my money. You can buy a 2 year extended warranty or a 3 year extended warranty."


"Alright, so the phone actually costs $120, so you have to mail in this rebate."


"Let me see if I can apply my discount ... No, looks like I can't"

Oh well. At least I have a working phone now. And I have a video camera built into my phone. And this crappy ringtune.


chinwhat said...

A Always
B Be
C Closing

Lil'Missus said...

Psssshhh...but you were oh so happy when he gave "free" accessories

Laugh Watching Sales Pig Brother at his best

Rubex Cube said...

Hehe that is why you don't mix family and business together tisk tisk! I wanna see your phone now!