Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Great Neighbourhood Race 2K5

Team Indecision (Ruby, Chin, Chris, Al), waited one year after placing 10th out of 34 teams for another crack at finishing top 3 at The United Way's Great Neighbourhood Race.

What is this race you ask? Well, it's like the Amazing Race -- you work in teams of 4 solving clues, and the answers will lead you to checkpoints around the city. Along the way, you have the option of completing detours, which can give you even more points. You have 4 hours to complete the race, and the team with the most points wins. Oh yeah, and you can only use your two feet and public transit.

What's the key? Have someone in front of a computer Googling the clues and trying to find answers to the detours while you race towards the checkpoints. Thanks to my wife for helping us out. We owe you big!

How did we do this year? 22nd out of 38. Bummer. Well, only 364 more days until next year's race! Maybe you'll join us!

Highlights include:
- Chin figuring out the clue: primary colour + Toronto's "underground" ... it ain't Union Station, it ain't the TD Centre, it's the Redpath factory on Queen's Quay. "Dammit!"
- Chris and Ruby running in the wrong direction for the third checkpoint. "Where are you guys?"
- Al doing some window shopping while waiting. "$109 for a pair of shorts?"
- Meeting Frank and Jen from Breakfast Television.
- Al asking a random Chinese lady what "long shya" means. What a disaster.
- Chin and Al eating dried squid.
- Racing with another team from King/Parliament to the Distillery. Bonus points for first, second, and third son, gotta hurry! Unfortunately, there were at least 4-5 other teams that finished before us. What a waste!
- We got on Breakfast Television! For 1/10th of a second!
- Chris even got quoted in the Toronto Sun (http://www.torontosun.com/News/OtherNews/2005/07/25/1146685-sun.html)

It is my mission to know this city inside and out for next year. Travels of the Toronto tourist... from Toronto ... coming soon!

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chinwhat said...

we go 0 love from BT, but what about Global Morning?!?