Friday, July 22, 2005

All in!

I won my first poker tournament at Jay Abiog's weekly poker game. It's been quite a turn, given that last month I was "ATM of the month" (given to the player who on average gets busted out the fastest).

Highlights include:
  • Going heads-up against my brother
  • Folding a 10-Queen preflop, and seeing two more queens at the flop (fuck!)
  • Folding a pair of fours preflop, and seeing two more fours at the flop (double fuck!)
  • Short stacked and on the big blind, I get a 2-5 offsuit (yuck). The flop comes 3-4-6 -- wicked I got a straight. Jay yells out "just go all in", which I was planning on doing anyway, but I decide to act a bit to lure in a few callers. "shoot, whatever, might as well". I put what little I had left, and everyone folds. Damn. At least I last a bit longer.
  • Don misdeals, accidentally showing my King. I almost call a misdeal, but decide to play on. Check my cards -- a pair of fives. Wicked, Don just gave me another five, I've got a pair. The flop comes up, and there's another five. Trips. I slow-play, and win a lot of chips. Call it the TSN Turning Point.
Working is for losers, I'm going to become a professional poker player! wooooooo!

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Rubex Cube said...

Ahh the true colors come out, good stuff Al