Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Never work again

As most of you know, I worked one summer for Vector marketing (Selling cutco knives). It was an interesting summer to say the least. My experiences can be a topic for another post, but for now I wanted to share one day in particular.

During one of our workshops, we were given a list of famous quotes, and asked to find one that was compelling. I don't remember the objective of the workshop, but I do remember the quote that made me stop and think:

Find a job doing something you love, and you will never work a day in your life
Until I read this, I always thought of work as a chore. Means to other ends. And yes, as I sit here writing this blog during work hours, I would rather be somewhere else (like sitting outside having a rye and ginger!). But after reading this it really struck a chord.

Take, for example, my last 8 months, working on a big content management tool project, and how the time just flew by. How I worked 9-10 hour days, and even brought work home, but didn't really complain. Working during Christmas break, and Easter break? no problem. The project was fulfilling for me. I was learning new programming languages, being challenged, solving problems -- it was great. Every day was exciting, and because of that, I never really felt like I was working.

Does this mean that if you find a job doing something you love, that it should become your life? Hell no! I place great importance over my time with my wife, my weekends, and I would never put off holidays because "It's too busy at work", or "Nobody else knows how to do it properly". Eff that! The quote tells us that we deserve happiness at our job just as much as when we are away from it. Why not, right?

Ask yourself, "Am I working somewhere doing something I love?" It doesn't have to be specific, like "playing video games", or "swimming". It can be something like "helping others", or "creative writing". I ask myself that question all the time, and for now, the answer is "yes". The "for now" part is important, because if it ever changes, I know I need to move on and find something new.

If your answer is "no", then you need to ask yourself, "why am I still working here?"

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chinwhat said...

i'm working cuz having no money sucks... and there's lots of cute girls!